Events & Programs


Our PTA tries to provide one event and one restaurant night per month. We need lots of help heading and running these events. If you are interested in being part of any of these events please contact the chair for further information or fill out our volunteer interest form. 


Interested in open positions? Contact us!


Abilities Awareness Week


Do you have a passion for special needs or resources into that community. We have a advisors ready to help you, but are looking for someone to chair and head this event. For more information contact:

Art Trek 

Stacy Pighin


A perfect opportunity to volunteer in the classroom. Go to a docent training to learn how to teach the children, the coordinate with the teacher on when to have the lesson. Bringing art back into the classroom regardless of what grade.


Family Dance



We are looking to revamp our family dance this year. The event will be held in April. Show your creativity and school spirit by making this event amazing. 


Fall Carnival

Leanne Tapper

Our first major event to kick off the year. Join us Saturday, September 21st for our Wild Wild West themed carnival.

Holiday Craft Night


We are looking for a talent and passionate person who would love have a love for the holidays and willing to chair this event in early December.

International Night


We are looking for a talent and passionate person who would love to coordinate our teachers and room parent rep for this well attended event.


Movie Night

Melanie Rudas

School wide event where we put up a movie screen in the quad, have food vendors and you are encouraged to bring chairs and a blanket and enjoy a movie at Cypress.



Sarah Sidhu


This year's theme: "A Look Within". We had a great showing last year with over 40 entries, three lunch-time workshops. Entries are turned during September.



Heather Johnson

The yearbook committee encourages parents to send in photos from PTA sponsored events. This is the best way to make sure your child has an additional picture or two in the yearbook. Blurry or low resolution photos will not be considered.


Talent Show

Dee Stangl

Students are encourage to show off their talents in our school-wide talent show. The rehearsals start in January, so spend your Christmas break getting your act together.


Staff Appreciation Week

Kary Meaney

A week spent celebrating all people who make the school run.

Upcoming Events

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